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The Mates Rates Wine Club That Anyone Can Join

Cellar One is an online destination for premium quality wine brands available to anyone at staff rates (or as we say here at NPM, ‘mates rates’!). The concept is simple: you sign up to their membership portal for free and with that comes quality wine brands at below retail prices. There’s no fancy Instagram page […]

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The Perfect Summer Cocktail For Any Occasion

Summer is almost here, and to celebrate, our friends at Pampelle – the world’s first ruby red grapefruit aperitif – have created a few warm-weather inspired recipes that are easy to make and instantly make you feel like you are on holidays. To enjoy the deep flavours, three delicious recipes are: Pampelle Spritz Ingredients: 2 parts Pampelle […]

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Two Award Winning Whiskies Every Whisky Lover Should Consider

When we think about good quality whisky, we think about old distilleries in Scotland with a rich history, authentic craftsmanship and a dose of innovation. Two whisky brands that fit this mould are Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond. Both are award winning distilleries in Scotland dating back to the 19th century and both have a […]

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