How To Use Timber Flooring To Create Coastal Luxury

If you’re deciding on selecting a timber flooring for your property to get a luxurious feel and look, this post is for you.

When we decided to build our coastal project in Torquay, Victoria, there was no doubt that we wanted to select a timber flooring that exuded luxury, but that also had a homely and coastal feel about it.

For anyone considering using timber flooring in their house, this post will help you decide on the major debate of quality over quantity.

After looking at dozens of timber flooring options, we found that many of them lacked that refinement, the natural look and feel, combined with the clean lines that the oak timber flooring from the more premium flooring providers.   

We spent a lot of time researching the premium providers, and we narrowed our search down to Kustom Timber in Melbourne (they also have a showroom in Byron Bay).

So we headed into KustomTimber’s Melbourne showroom on Chapel Street and their helpful team guided us through the range and the potential options for our home. 

In the property we were building, we had a small dropdown of roughly three steps from the front entrance to the lounge room, so we needed to choose some steps and ensure those steps looked good and felt solid.

Our 3 step dropdown

After careful assessement of our internal spaces on our building plans and consultation from Kustom’s team, we decided to select the New York Loft timber from Kustom’s Como collection. Kustom’s team placed the order and the process began, it really was that easy!

The Como collection offers the top of the range in European Oak timber flooring, designed for special projects. Oak floorboards are a classic choice for many interiors, and have been used for centuries to create stunning rooms.

As we have some abnormally high 3.4 metre ceilings in our main living area, combined with a space that is 17 metres in length, the New York Loft timber was perfect, because the floorboards are purposely designed extra long and wide, which is the ideal solution for larger homes and vast luxurious spaces. It gives the feeling of long, clean lines and adds an architectural element. We saw it as an investment in the future value of our property.

The long planks complement the high ceilings

We had already done a lot of research into the types of flooring and timber available, as well as the type of Oak flooring we were after. We wanted the flooring to look like real, natural timber versus the plastic-looking types out there in the market.

We also knew that by selecting a more expensive and high quality type of Oak, it would last a lot longer and be somewhat timeless in its appearance. With timber flooring, there’s no set rule on how often you should sand them, but a general guide is every 10-15 years if you need to get rid of scratches and dents or change the stain colour.

When it came to the installation of our flooring, the Kustom Timber team travelled from Melbourne to our coastal property in Torquay and within a few days, they had fully installed the stunning Oak timber flooring.

You’ll see from the images, the wider and longer New York Loft timber really accentuates the clean lines of the minimalistic interior design. When you walk through the property in person, you have a great sense of beautiful high ceilings, with plenty of natural light from the West direction as well as the natural timber flooring giving you a luxurious, yet warming coastal feel. We were blown away by the quality of the timber craftsmanship.

The kitchen meets the lounge

For the entrance area before heading down the three stairs to the main kitchen/dining/lounge area, we decided to have Kustom’s team lay the New York Loft timber in a herringbone format. You’ll see from these images the stunning effect it creates upon entry. You then walk down the three solid steps and are welcomed by metres of long, wide planks combined with the 3.4m high ceilings and natural light – it really is a coastal oasis!

The Herringbone flooring upon entry

If you’re deciding on what type of timber flooring to choose for your next project, whether that be a new build or a renovation, here are my top 5 tips for choosing the right timber flooring:

  1. Look at the space inside your home and the amount of natural light you have. Think about your wall colour and your furniture and how the timber flooring colour will completement everything
  2. Decide whether you want an engineered timber flooring and if so, decide if you want it prefinished where it’s coated  (i.e. stained and sealed in the workshop) or if you want it a raw finish (sanded and coated once installed).
  3. Plank size and thickness: As in our case, we had very high ceilings and quite a long main lounge area, so we need wide, long planks to enhance the luxury effect. Also choose your thickness as this will help provide a natural feel of the wood.
  4. Choose a high quality underlay: If you’re wanting comfort or for acoustics, underlays come in a range of thicknesses, from 3mm up to 20mm and sometimes greater. Chat with your sales representative about your needs and you’ll come up with the right solution.
  5. Go with a reputable brand: depending on the type of property you are building (e.g. family home, investment property etc.) it’s often better to go with a reputable brand like Kustom Timber for quality and service. The cheaper laminate style flooring might be low on cost, but the quality will also be low and the longevity will be less then a high quality flooring timber.

For more information on Kustom’s range of timber flooring, visit their website at or email us here via and we’ll provide you an introduction to their team.

This post was created as part of a collaboration with Kustom Timber.

Imagery provided by Paul Juchima (@paul_juchima)