How Weekend Road Trips Can Provide You With Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many sources. Be it a favourite song, a long hike in the mountains, or even a past experience, good or bad, that motivates you to become a better person every day. Taking a weekend road trip is another source where inspiration can be derived from. That feeling of freedom and the open roads helps clear the head and relieve any stress from the week of work you’ve just had.

One of my most memorable road trips was in the U.S. where we went on a fun weekend road trip to Palm Springs in California. It was a relatively straightforward two hour drive from Los Angeles International Airport. As we approached the desert region, the barren cliffs rose up from the distance and one peak actually shadowed a small village at the base of it, showing the sheer scale and power of mother nature.

For miles to be seen, there were huge wind farms full of white turbines, generating megawatts of energy in the high wind region prior to arriving at the destination. It really was a beautiful sight and the inspiration that came from seeing those wind farms was priceless. They say beauty comes in unexpected places and this was certainly true!

Now picture 100s and 100s of turbines across acres of land with huge barren mountains as a backdrop, and desert heat streaming down. Those turbines were there as a result of people’s hard work – whether that be within the energy company that operates them, or the manufacturer that built them.

To see the scale of work that was executed, no doubt at times under extreme heat (50-60 degrees celsius temperatures at their peak), just reiterated that goals can be achieved through hard work and commitment.

And that’s just one of the great benefits of how weekend road trips can help you achieve your goals.

Through my wind farm road trip experience, it provided me time to reflect on what I’ve achieved and what I’d still like to achieve on a much bigger scale.

Goals were reviewed and updated, with some being crossed off the list and some being made bolder.

So what are some of the other great benefits of weekend road trips that help you achieve your goals?

● They create great memories. When you go with friends and family, those memories can be cherished forever. It may be as simple as stopping at the local bakery where you had the most amazing scones with jam and cream. Those memories are priceless!

● They help us learn and grow. Every person and place has a story, learning about those stories can make us better people.

● They force us to be flexible and think on our feet. If you take the wrong turn in traffic, or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you have to think fast and be flexible as things might not go to your original plan.

● They allow us to meet new people. Whether it’s Joe Blow in the local diner, or a local family in a small village, they open our mind to new cultures and ideals and help appreciate what we have in our lives.

● They allow us to overcome our fears, as we often venture down roads unknown. Overcoming fears is seen as one of the great milestones in our lives.

● They provide historical and cultural experiences that school/study/television cannot. These experiences help shape the future.

● They also save money. Overseas holidays can be costly and there’s always so many great places to visit within a few hours of home by just getting on the road.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or upset, pack your bags, get in your car on go on an adventure!

Photos used in this blog post have been sourced from Creative Commons Zero (CC0) libraries.

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