The Stakes Day Essentials Every Guy Must Have

In this guide we run through how to choose some quality essentials to make your Stakes Day experience as simple and as easy as it can be, so you can spend more time having fun.

Every year when Stakes Day comes around it can get extremely overwhelming with the amount of planning that is often involved. Some of the questions running through your head may consist of…. 

● Which online betting company will I use to make placing bets a whole lot easier? 

● How will I get there? 

● Who will I be going with? 

● What outfit will I wear and where will I buy it from? The suit, shirt, shoes, and accessories  such as the socks, tie, belt, pocket square, sunglasses? 

● Where will I get my White Freesia from? Will there be a flower left?

● How will I keep my phone charged? 

● Where can I take a good photo? 

So it’s time to remove all the stress around your preparations and to start putting a plan in place today. 

Which online betting company will I use to make placing bets a whole lot easier? 

When selecting a betting company over the Spring Racing period, keep a look out for the ones that are offering great deals for new accounts.

There’s always many offers coming out rom the major betting companies, such as those matching bets dollar for dollar, with offers like the 1st Bet Special, the Free Extra Multi Boost and the Enhanced Odds bonuses.

How to get to the races

The simplest way to get to the races is public transport. Particularly to Flemington, the train platform stops right inside the racecourse with trains leaving the CBD on a regular basis.

Melbourne public transport to the races is the quickest, stress-free route

Of course, a lot of people get a driver or an Uber, while others prefer taking the helicopter for an express service. If you’re using a driver, try and book them at least a few days in advance as this will save the last-minute rush and the increase in prices.

Who will you take to the races?

Stakes Day is a day out with friends and family, where it’s more appropriate to take your children along. A lot of people attend marquees or car parks in the Nursery at Flemington, so be sure to do you research ahead of time so you don’t miss out on your ticket.

What outfit will I wear on the day? 

There’s no question that a shirt, tie and blazer should be worn to Stakes day. It’s a chance to make an effort, show your personality and have a good time, so make the most of that chance. 

My suggestion is choosing a grey suit. You will get the best bang for your buck from a grey suit for events to come. Don’t wear trainers and shorts!

How will I keep my phone charged?

Now this is one of my biggest tips for the event. It’s so easy to run out of charge on your phone. In between the texting and calling friends, taking photos or Stories for Instagram posts, betting via the BetEasy app on my phone, the battery life can diminish quite quickly.  

Some areas around Flemington do have charging stations and some of the Birdcage marquees provide cables to charge your phone. If you can, take a charger along and even take a USB portable battery charger as this will allow you to top up your phone along the way.

Where can I take a good photo?

Taking a good photo can be challenging with the 1,000s of people that head to the Races over the event. I like to get photos amongst the action, so examples could be with the horses racing behind me, or in the crowd cheering, or walking around the Birdcage precinct where there’s VIPs and celebrities everywhere. It’s your choice, just make sure you have fun!

Going to the Races doesn’t have to be a stressful process, you just have to plan ahead, be organised and everything will work out just fine!

We hope you enjoy this guide to ‘Stakes Day Essentials Every Guy Must Have’.

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